Spherie is a flying sensor, a unique solution to meet the rapidly growing global demand for the digitalization of reality.

The system captures the exterior and interior spherically as a 360 ° video and/or 3D scan. It’s the combination of IoT, drone technology, multi-sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and XR. At the Dmexco 2019, the new model Spherie 2.0 will be presented for the first time. It is the world’s unique combination of drone and VR technology, and now achieves video resolutions of up to 10K for full-spherical video. Compared to its predecessor Spherie 2.0 also reaches higher frame rates of 60fps.

The international patent-pending design allows a complete capture of the 360 environments without recording parts of the drone itself (chassis and/or propellers), which is currently not possible by any other system. This omnidirectional view enables 360° camera movements through indoor and outdoor spaces. Due to the high-resolution recordings, the drone can be used for high-end 360° video productions, which subsequently can be used in VR applications. Furthermore, individual images can also be used to create digital twins of the environment, which is already deployed for well-known partners, in the technical inspection and maintenance of industrial facilities.

The size and shape offers great advantages in contrast to other scanning and drone systems and also makes Spherie 2.0 suitable for close environments.
The new flight control offers state-of-the-art features such as obstacle avoidance, (no GPS signal required!!) indoor position control. Another special feature of Spherie is the UFO mode. Highly accurate flight controllers enable the drone to hover without tilt, ensuring level horizons and to hover at a constant distance and automatic waypoint flights.

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