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SPHERIE is the one stop shop for 360° aerial filming, moving camera shots, indoor as well as outdoor environmental scanning with photorealistic textures. Our specialized team of cameramen and drone pilots are an upgrade to any 360° film production. As a free floating recording system, SPHERIE has been developed to specifically suit the needs of 360° film making.

We offer the following in our service package, that we tailored to your needs:


  • storyboarding
  • location scouting
  • permissions from local authorities
  • insurance for technical equipment
  • worldwide insurance coverage

On Set

  • experienced pilots
  • quick set up times and battery changes on set
  • up to 8 minutes flight time
  • HD live view/client monitor with playback functionality


  • stitching & colour grading
  • compositing
  • stabilization
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • editing/cutting

Virtual Reality

SPHERIE captures completely spherical 360° footage without filming itself in stunning 8k resolution and up to 60fps. Our system is very compact and generates outstanding footage outdoors, as well as indoors in tight quarters. With our specialized technical equipment and years of experience in 360° filming we provide filming solutions to meet your production needs, whether it’s video or photo. Industrial image films, real estate, music videos, documentaries, tourism and many more applications… get in touch with us today!